Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for a Pain Free Lifestyle

Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for a Pain Free Lifestyle

Integrative Medicine and Nutrition For a Healthier, Pain Free Lifestyle

It is no longer a secret that chronic disease is largely preventable.

Integrative Medicine (IM) is an approach to health that applies conventional and non-conventional methods for prevention and treatment of chronic disease. The aim is to restore and maintain good health through treating the primary cause of cellular dysfunction. Cellular malfunction from oxidative stress (i.e. inflammation) is the root cause of human pathology. Oxidative stress and inflammation can spread throughout the human body like a house on fire; from room to room (one area of the body to an adjacent one) and from house to house (from one body organ or system to a remote one).  Working on a cellular level, IM has the capacity to repair and prevent many disease processes.  Integrative Medicine combines favorable aspects of conventional medicine, with the most scientifically sound alternative care approaches.

The current disease-oriented model of healthcare leans more toward a reactive patient/healthcare provider methodology (for example: “You have headaches, so take these medications.”)  Conversely, the IM approach is based on a preventative model. A model which engages the patient in a therapeutic partnership to help prevent long-term dependence on medications and surgeries. This model squarely places the patient as the central focus and ultimate beneficiary.

STAR Integrative Medicine begins with an assessment phase using sophisticated testing to identify the deficiencies or toxicities causing oxidative stress. We employ three tests, two scales and two journals to study gastrointestinal function, nutritional status and food sensitivities. Patient will receive an interpretive print out that is easily understood, along with guidance and recommendations from our skilled staff.

Following the assessment phase, we roll out a personal treatment program, based on the meticulous compilation of the assessment data, as well as the patient’s verbal input. In contrast to aggressive or harsh diet’s (which are often unsustainable) STAR uses well proven nutritional goal setting and coaching techniques, specific to each individual. This allows us to set the patient up for long term success, as we safely guide them along a pathway of successive treatment approximations toward desired endpoints. Our detailed guidance and coaching includes: 1) a graded nutrition program with time and goal markers, 2) a systematic therapeutic exercise program and 3) a long-term wellness program. STAR may also draw on its larger network of vetted community resources (such as physical therapy, Pilates and Tai Chi instructors and personal trainers) to help meet each patient’s specific goals.

Once we have successfully treated the problems identified in the assessment phase and the patient is experiencing an improved sense of wellness, they enter the maintenance phase. Regular follow-ups helps create routines to seal the principles of the program and keep patients at their happiest and healthiest!

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Dr. Joseph Fortin, DO Dr. Joseph Fortin is the Medical Director at Spine Technology and Rehabilitation and a Clinical Professor at Indiana University School of Medicine.

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