Jo Massaro’s STAR Story

Deep Sea Fishing at 64

Jo Massaro

“Regenerative Medicine was recommended to me, and I’m so glad I made that call. I met Dr. Fortin and his staff and felt so comfortable. Dr. Fortin spent time with me to understand every aspect of my health and how it could change my life. My pain level was off the charts on my first visit. I was 64 at the time of my first visit and wanted to believe that I could still have a quality of life.

I went on vacation in March of 2016, where I went deep sea fishing. I wasn’t certain that I would ever have an opportunity to catch anything, let alone a 90″ sailfish! I never would have been able to do this before!

This takes commitment and determination. I’m eating healthier and have been in physical therapy. I lived with depression for a long time and feel like a different person today. I have already recommended RM to friend and two are currently seeing Dr. Fortin. It has changed my life so much that my husband is starting soon. I highly recommend that you make an appointment and meet with Dr. Fortin and his staff today. It will be the best call you have made in a long time!”

“It has changed my life so much that my husband is starting soon.”


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