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Here at Spine Technology and Rehabilitation, we are dedicated to you, your health, your recovery, and your lifestyle. Our team recognizes that pain and disability are complex issues requiring intense dedication and compassion from each team member. Spine Technology and Rehabilitation truly places each patient as the ultimate beneficiary of the healthcare continuum.

Spine Technology and Rehabilitation specializes in pain detective work and minimally invasive treatment procedures to help you avoid unnecessary surgery. It is our goal to determine the exact causes of your pain so that we may tailor a treatment plan that provides you optimal relief.

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We strive to relieve pain and improve function by employing the latest methods and most current technology. These efforts are backed by our ongoing national and international level research which sustains them. To learn more about any given specialty area, click on the Affiliates tab on the toolbar at the top of the page or return to the Home page (also on the toolbar).



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