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Integrative Medicine (IM) combines the most consumer favorable aspects of conventional medicine with scientifically validated alternative care. Unlike the current disease-oriented model of healthcare delivery (which leans toward a more reactive and dissociated patient/healthcare provider approach), IM espouses a preventative model which engages the patient in a therapeutic partnership, as the central focus and ultimate beneficiary.



Step 1: Identifying The Root Cause

The STAR treatment begins by identifying deficiencies and toxicities using sophisticated testing. We employ three tests in the IM program to study GI function, nutritional stautus, and food sensitivities respectively. Patients will receive an interpretive printout that is easy to understand along with guidance and recommendations from our skilled staff.


Step 2: Tailored Treatment Options

Following the identifying phase, we roll out your personal treatment program on the meticulous compilation of your test results as well as your verbal input. We explain your program in detail, which may include, but is not limited to: a graded nutrition program with time and goal markers as well as detox protocols (as indicated), and/or a graded exercise program with time and goal markers.


Step 3: Maintaining Wellness

Once you feel an improved sense of wellness, you enter the maintenance phase. This step includes regular follow-ups, which helps create routines to seal the principles of the program and keep you at your happiest and healthiest!



Frequently Asked Questions

We've provided answers to our most common questions regarding Integrative Medicine.


What Can I Expect During My First Visit?

The STAR Integrative Medicine program uses a three step process to discover, extinguish, and prevent inflammation. The initial visit includes a thorough assessment of your diet and lifestyle habits. From there we recommend simple lifestyle modifications to improve well-being. We also prescribe world class diagnostics to dig deep and discover the toxicities or deficiencies that are causing inflammation. This allows you to take the next step through detailed supplement and diet recommendations ; which extinguish inflammation. Finally, once inflammation has been extinguished we want to prevent re-inflammation. The best way to prevent inflammation is regular maintenance follow-ups to continue upgrading and tuning your home program as well as retesting for deficiencies and toxicities. This final step also holds you accountable for your long term success to guard against relapse.

What Are The Benefits Of Integrative Medicine?

Cellular malfunction from oxidative stress (i.e. inflammation) is the root of human pathology. Integrative Medicine works on a cellular level and has the capacity to repair and prevent most disease processes. In fact, good health is the state of optimal cellular function and your symptoms are simply the result of improper cellular function. What can happen when cellular function is restored? You will no longer feel fatigued, bloated, constipated, or lethargic. Your energy level and quality of sleep will improve. Feelings of depression will lessen or disappear and you will be able to break through the mental fog and remain focused. Skin conditions, such as acne and eczema, will fade away. Symptoms of asthma and allergies will improve or disappear. Weight loss can be expected as your cells repair themselves and you modify your lifestyle. 

What Is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine is an approach to healthcare that applies conventional and non-conventional interventions for treatment of cellular dysfunction. Patients participating in the Integrative Medicine program will not only receive nutrition education but also testing for deficiencies and toxicities, supplement suggestions, complimentary lifestyle modifications, and support from Integrative Medicine staff. 

What Do I Need To Open The Files ?

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Will I Be Prescribed Medicine Or Recommended To Have Surgery?

Our goal is to coach you through the three step process to good health; without the use of harmful pharmaceuticals or invasive surgeries. Conventional pharmaceuticals are used to suppress symptoms versus treating the cause . While they are very powerful, their long list of potential effects reflects their cellular toxicity. To avoid using pharmaceuticals we will recommend supplements based on your testing. STAR has set-up a natural pharmacy stocked with high quality, natural supplements aimed at healing your cells – instead of simply dampening symptoms. Having the STAR Natural Pharmacy is a convenience for our patients. We do not require you use the products we sell, but will provide recommendations for high quality supplements.

How Many Visits Should I Expect?

The number of visits depends on your initial assessment. For example: a person experiencing one type of cellular dysfunction and needing only a few lifestyle modifiers may simply need to be seen once or twice to restore their health. On the other hand, a person experiencing multiple toxicities and deficiencies as well as having serious lifestyle issues will require a stronger commitment. This individual may need to be seen once or twice a month for several months until cellular function is restored and lifestyle modifications become entrenched. 

Will Insurance Cover My Visit?

We are committed to showing our patients that they do not need to be slaves to pharmaceutical companies and a broken healthcare system. We are teaching you to use God given medicine including: your own cells, fresh and nutritionally dense food, as well as lifestyle modification. Because we are going against the conventional approach, our Integrative Medicine services are not covered by insurance.

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