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Regenerative medicine is a relatively new area of medicine. It has shown great promise in treating and even curing a variety of injuries and diseases. At Spine Technology and Rehabilitation in Fort Wayne, Indiana, interventional pain management specialist Joseph Fortin, DO, uses regenerative medicine to treat injuries and pain conditions. To learn more about the benefits of regenerative medicine, call the office today or schedule an appointment through this website.

Regenerative Medicine

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is an up-and-coming area of medical care focused on providing treatments that heal diseased and damaged tissues rather than merely managing symptoms.

Spine Technology and Rehabilitation has been using regenerative medicine to help patients suffering from joint, muscle, and spine conditions for more than a decade.

What are the types of regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine treatments at Spine Technology and Rehabilitation include platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and stem cell therapy.

PRP therapy

PRP therapy combines your body’s natural ability to heal itself with the latest in medical and scientific technologies. When you’re injured, your body uses the healing properties in your blood to stop the bleeding and repair the damage.

These healing properties include platelets, growth factors, and specialized proteins. The PRP used for therapy at Spine Technology and Rehabilitation contains a high concentration of these healing properties, which is created from a sample of your own blood.

Stem cell therapy

Stem cells are the “blank” cells in your body that transform into specialized cells based on your needs. The fat in your body is the most abundant source of mesenchymal stem cells. These cells can change into specialized cells that repair injured tendons, cartilage, and ligaments. 

What conditions benefit from regenerative medicine?

Dr. Fortin uses regenerative medicine to heal diseased and injured tissue. Some conditions that benefit from regenerative medicine include:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Ligament and meniscus tears
  • Back pain


Dr. Fortin also uses regenerative medicine to support healing after sports injuries and surgeries.

What can I expect during regenerative medicine treatments?

Regenerative medicine at Spine Technology and Rehabilitation is an outpatient procedure. First, Dr. Fortin harvests the blood or fat he needs to create your PRP or stem cell therapy. He then uses guided-image technology to inject the PRP or stem cells directly into the injured or diseased tissue.

How long does it take to get results from regenerative medicine?

It isn’t uncommon for patients to experience an increase in discomfort for up to 10 days after their regenerative medicine treatments. Most patients, however, report that their pain has eased and their mobility improved within a week.

Your best results usually take 6-8 weeks to show up. To support the recovery process, Dr. Fortin often refers his patients to a physical therapist.

Most patients need only one regenerative medicine treatment to see the benefits. But Dr. Fortin often suggests additional treatments based on your diagnosis and personal health needs.

To learn more about regenerative medicine and how it can help you heal, call Spine Technology and Rehabilitation today or schedule an appointment online.